Frank C JonesI'm glad you found my little corner of the internet.

We probably met in person at an event around the Research Triangle, or we bumped into each other during my travels. If we've never met in person, it's nice meeting you virtually.

This site is dedicated to connecting all the websites, projects, and profiles I have collected over the years.

You came to this site for a reason. If you can't find what you're looking for within all the links already here, please email me. I'm glad to provide any information you need.


As a digital nomad, I know current and potential clients will search for me to find out more about the work I've done.

I grew up with the internet and I'm used to my work being public. This site serves as a hub, linking out to everything I've done online.

I began building websites professionally in 1998 when I was hired to create the local Super 8 Motel website in Asheville. It wasn't until 2008 that I graduated from building websites with Notepad to start using WordPress. Later, in 2010 I became a freelance content writer for websites around the world. Over the years, I rose through the ranks in five different agencies and have completed projects for thousands of clients. Now, I'm building a list of select clients that benefit from my years of SEO, content writing, conversion rate optimization, and web development.

Interested in working with me?

Public Speaking

Maybe you attended one of the conferences I spoke at recently. I talk about WordPress, SEO, Wikipedia, and the intersections between those topics. In 2015, I was a speaker at the Digital Marketing For Business conference in Raleigh and the NC Tech For Good conference in Chapel Hill. In addition, I regularly speak at the meetings I organize for the Raleigh SEO Meetup, Triangle Tiny House, and Triangle WordPress.

I'm always looking for new speaking opportunities, email me.


You may know me as the Wikipedia guy, from my service as the Southern Regional Coordinator for the Wikipedia Education Outreach Program. I've also attended multiple Wikipedia events in the US and Europe, the first of which was the 2011 Free Culture Forum in Barcelona. I'm one of the three founding members of the Triangle Wikipedians user group.

Maybe we ran into each other at one of the many Meetup events I organize, like the Raleigh SEO Meetup, Triangle Tiny House, and Triangle WordPress.

Perhaps we met at an event like Triangle Open Data Day or a similar conference.

World Travel

As an active international traveler, you might have bumped into me while I was exploring Bolivia as a Mountains to the World grant recipient. Perhaps we met when I was in Barcelona for six months in 2011. Maybe I talked with you while I was exploring Spain and Turkey during the summer of 2014, or when I returned to Barcelona and visited Berlin during the summer of 2016.

Continuing Education

If we went to school together, we could have been members of the same student organization at UNCA, UNC, or UPF.

Maybe we never met in person and you simply found one of my projects that is now published online - like my work for One Month Rails or The Odin Project. Then there's everything I have published on Git Hub.

You could have read my MA thesis on the "Relationship Between the Strength of Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation" which lead you to look for my personal site.

Perhaps you found out about the online biology course I helped design and followed the link from there.

No matter what brings you here, I'm glad you found me!

- Frank [email protected]

Have a question? Just contact me.

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