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Since my website is focused on sharing what I know about online marketing, one of the most common questions I get is “how can we work together?”

There are two primary services I offer:

  1. Consulting – I help you with planning and identifying opportunities during our two 30-minute phone calls each month. You execute on the plan and we make adjustments based on your results and data I collect from your site.
  2. Project Management – We discuss your business goals once per quarter. I develop and execute on a plan to deliver on these goals. Key performance indicators are identified and measured by me with monthly reporting. One new marketing funnel is built each quarter while performing conversion rate optimization on existing funnels.

Each of these options comes with a minimum six-month agreement. Neither option offers overnight success and I prefer to be honest with my clients about the investment they are making in their business. Here are some case studies to demonstrate the results I have achieved for clients that have invested in my services.


The consulting service I offer is designed for entrepreneurs that are busy running their own business, but still want to have a role in the execution of online marketing. You are the type of entrepreneur that enjoys talking with your customers via blog posts, email, video, podcasts, and other marketing channels. You want to be involved in the marketing and sales processes of your business, but you don’t wan to spend the next several years learning:

  • ​content marketing
  • conversion rate optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • marketing funnels
  • and all the other details that go into creating your marketing strategy

My job is to align these marketing strategies with your current assets and the goals you have set for your business. Together, we develop a plan which you execute with my guidance. Twice a month, we schedule a 30-minute call to discuss what is happening in your business and how to move forward with the next steps for the plan. I direct you to the best information to help you implement the strategy we have selected. While this is happening, I track data from your website and customers to identify opportunities for improvement.

Results from my consulting services have helped clients 2X, 10X, and 24X their revenue within 6 to 12 months. While I can’t guarantee results, I can guide you down the most profitable path to market your business. You can read about the results I have helped my clients achieve by visiting the case studies published on this site.

To ensure I have enough time to dedicate to each client, I have a strict limit of 5 consulting clients per month. I encourage you to apply now if you would like some help moving forward with your business goals.​

Project Management

The goal I have for all the clients I work with is to ensure their business is so successful that they don't have time to manage their marketing efforts directly. This is when they need to have someone provide a done-for-you service that can:

  • develop a marketing plan to drive business goals
  • identify key performance indicators (KPI)
  • deliver monthly reporting
  • execute on the plan and pivot based on data
  • create content
  • build marketing funnels
  • perform conversion rate optimization on existing funnels

When you hire me to manage your marketing project for you, that's exactly what I do. You get access to the strategy services that drive my consulting work, in addition to the tools and team I have developed. Together, we create a quarterly plan built around your business goals. I spend the next three months executing on that plan and deliver an assessment to you at the end of the quarter. Based on what worked and what needs improvement, we make another plan for the next three months. This keeps your business objectives aligned with your marketing strategy and the key performance indicators that assure success for your business.

​I don't take on just any project, so we should schedule a call if you're interested in working with me.

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