June 4, 2015

NC Tech 4 Good Conference

I will be talking about WordPress SEO at the NC Tech 4 Good conference and this page will host the materials I'm giving to the audience.

Get my WordPress SEO checklist

The NC Tech 4 Good conference focuses on helping non-profit organizations figure out their technology needs. As such, my presentation focuses on fast, easy, low-cost ways to get a volunteer staff trained on basic SEO practices using WordPress and a free plugin.

Additionally, the links below provide additional on page SEO training resources and advanced SEO marketing assistance for organizations ready to publish on Wikipedia.

You'll find my slides and some very helpful links here. Additionally, you can get a copy of my WordPress SEO checklist.

Helpful WordPress SEO Links

  • Yoast SEO - the best SEO plugin for WordPress
  • On Page SEO - great summary about on page SEO from Moz
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