If web development is not your business, you can benefit from having a professional help you with keeping your website online. Given the number of options available to manage, update, backup, secure, and restore your site - I offer two options to help you choose.

Just the Backup Basics

Don't worry about backups and restoring your WordPress website. I'll take care of backing up your database and files once a month, updating your site. If anything happens to your site, I will restore it from these backups. These basic services are offered through a gig I'm offering on Fiverr.

Complete WordPress Management

[two_third_first]Even the best designed websites will require some support from a web developer in addition to the regular backups and updates. Don't wait until your website has been hacked before setting up complete WordPress management. I will host your website, backup your database and files weekly, update your site, patch security vulnerabilities, and restore the site from backups in the event of a catastrophe. In addition to these services, you also get up to 20 hours of web development services per year. All this at a cost of just $200/month.[/two_third_first][one_third_last]


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