These are some of the tools I use for SEO, conversion rate optimization, and marketing automation. If you're interested in getting the same tools I use, here's the list:

Thrive Themes

I first tried Thrive Themes at the end of 2015, and was so impressed that I signed up for the agency version of their suite of tools immediately.

As someone that has worked with WordPress for quite a few years, and who regularly helps others running WordPress sites, I have seen more than a few problems caused by incompatible themes and plugins. This is such a regular occurrence that the first step in troubleshooting any problem in WordPress is to disable all plugins and themes and re-enable them one at a time to see which is causing the problem.

In addition to offering conversion focused plugins, Thrive Themes helps keep my sites - and my client's sites - online because one development team has created the plugins and themes (thereby reducing the number of conflicts that crash the site).

Oh, and did I mention that these plugins make it much easier to setup A/B tests, identify the best headlines, create scarcity campaigns, collect testimonials, build landing pages, and much more!

What's in my bag?

I openly admit it, I'm a gadget geek. When people see the gear I have packed into my bag they often ask where I found such a device. Many of these items are fairly common, except for a few unique features that I spend the time to identify.

If you've ever bumped into me at a conference and asked, "where did you get that?", this is where you can find the answer.

I figure since I'm basically a walking advertisement for these products, affiliate links are appropriate. New items I've added to my collection recently are simply listed with a link to the product. However, after I've had the gadget for a while, I will write a review and link to that as well.

Timbuk2 Bags

A few years ago I received a Timbuk2 messenger bag as a holiday bonus while working with the Wikipedia Education Outreach Program. Today, I still use that messenger bag to lug around my laptop and other gadgets. I've also added a Wingman bag for when I'm traveling. These bags are very sturdy and designed to last a lifetime. Timbuk2 has an option for any travel or work situation you're facing.

10,000 mAh Solar Portable Charger

I carry a 10,000 mAh portable charger for my phone. Since my phone battery holds 2,100 mAh, I can recharge it about 5 times using this battery backup. Additionally, there is a solar panel on the backup battery which will trickle charge the device when I'm traveling and access to an outlet is not easy.

Also, there are two USB ports which allow me to charge two phones at once. This thing even has a flashlight on it which I have found to be handy from time to time. I bought my device more than a year ago and, today, there are hundreds of options available. You could even get a 30,000 mAh battery in a portable charger. If I was shopping for a portable solar charger today, the one I would buy is listed below.

This charger has 3x the battery mine does, it's in a more rugged case, the flashlight is brighter, it comes with a carabiner clip to attach it to your bag, and it costs less than what I paid. I love that these gadgets get better and cost less every year.

Phone Tripod Mount

I've been streaming the Raleigh SEO Meetup events on Periscope and needed a tripod mount for my phone. The one I use now works well, but I will be upgrading my phone soon. With the current setup, I can connect my Nexus 4 to any standard screw-mount tripod. I'm still shopping for a new tripod mount that will support a phone with a 6" screen like the Nexus 6 I'm upgrading to.

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