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How To 10x Income In 3 Months

Published January 15, 2016 in Entrepreneurship , Marketing - 0 Comments
10x income

Everyone is talking about tenfold increases these days.

Grant Cardone published The 10X Rule back in 2011 and said you should 10x your goals, now it seem that everyone is buzzing about increasing everything by tenfold.

From 10x content discussions with Rand Fishkin and to Google[x] director Astro Teller saying, “It’s easier to make something 10x bigger than 10 percent.”

Now, I’ve got a case study that shows you how easy it was to 10x one client’s income in just three months. Continue reading

The Lake Royale Project

Lake Royale sunset bingo in the club house
Update One year after moving to Lake Royale

Twelve days ago I began an experiment in lifestyle design and financial independence. I moved into a travel trailer at a lake community just outside Raleigh. At the time when I moved in, there was no running water, no electricity, no phone service, and no internet access at the site. However, this is only the beginning of my experiment. Continue reading

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