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Wikimedia Conference in Berlin

What does Wikipedia have to do with monetization, business strategy, and online marketing? That's the first thing most people will ask when they learn about my involvement with Wikipedia and the free culture movement. Think about it this way, Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the whole world. It is dedicated to […]

Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference

The Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference was a huge success. Being the first year for this event, I used the Lean Startup Methodology to test my ideas, measure results, and pivot when needed. This is the same process I use when working with clients, and I use Lean Principles in my own businesses all the time.

Testing Your Business Idea

Have you ever had a business idea that you thought would be a hit, but couldn't find the courage to run with that idea? Maybe you're one of the many entrepreneurs that has created a very successful business that you loathe running. Another common problem for us entrepreneurs is the "shiny object syndrome." You know, […]

How To 10x Income In 3 Months

Everyone is talking about tenfold increases these days. Grant Cardone published The 10X Rule back in 2011 and said you should 10x your goals, now it seem that everyone is buzzing about increasing everything by tenfold. From 10x content discussions with Rand Fishkin and to Google[x] director Astro Teller saying, "It’s easier to make something […]

The Barcelona Accident

Back in 2011, I spent six months living in Barcelona. When I came back from this trip, friends and family said that I looked great. They all asked if I had lost weight, so I hopped on a scale. To my surprise I had dropped 35 lbs without even trying!

The Lake Royale Project

[thrive_megabutton mt="Update" st="One year after moving to Lake Royale" color="green" link="" target="_self" align="aligncenter"] Twelve days ago I began an experiment in lifestyle design and financial independence. I moved into a travel trailer at a lake community just outside Raleigh. At the time when I moved in, there was no running water, no electricity, no phone […]

NC Tech 4 Good Conference

I will be talking about WordPress SEO at the NC Tech 4 Good conference and this page will host the materials I'm giving to the audience.


Mobilegeddon from Frank Jones

How to crowdsource blog posts and presentations

This past week I spent three days at the Digital Marketing For Business conference in Raleigh. During that time, I attended several presentations and I even spoke at a few sessions of my own. Actually, I was the speaker at four sessions - the most of anyone at the conference. One common thread between all […]

Video SEO

So many people post videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook then wonder why their sales don't increase. There's more to publishing videos than simply getting a moving picture onto the web.

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