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Digital Divide

Over the past year I have been introduced to the modern digital divide. Around 2010, I worked with M@IN (Mountain Area Information Network) to install wireless internet service for rural towns in western North Carolina. I stopped doing this work many years ago while I continued my college education. Unfortunately, I learned that the problem […]

Seasonal Climate Change

In my garden and near the river, the impact of seasonal climate change can be seen. We have had two significant, but not devastating, floods in this neighborhood over the past year. My neighbors, who have lived here for decades, say that this type of flooding typically happens ever few years. Seeing these water levels […]

The New Normal

Almost one year ago, in March of 2020, I put a storage tote on my front deck to allow deliveries to be dropped off while social distancing. This week, that storage bin was upgraded for the new normal. This bench is also a storage box. My wife and I can sit here and watch the […]

Spring Projects

It's only the second week of February and I'm already working on a long list of projects to kick off the new year. These are related to my business, my home, and my garden. All of these tasks will be completed, of moved into a maintenance routine, by the middle of April. Business Spring Projects […]

Pandemic Gardening

At the end of 2019, I purchased a home on 1.3 acres in Greenville, NC. Since Barbie is attending graduate school at ECU, we had been paying rent for a townhouse near the college. This new home only moved us 10 minutes further from the school and the mortgage was only $50 more than our […]

Hunters & Farmers

How do you grow your business and find customers - are you a hunter or a farmer? At the beginning of 2020, I joined the local BNI group in Greenville, NC (you can visit our chapter if you're in the area, or via Zoom during the pandemic). Another thing that happened at the beginning of […]

New Year, New Beginning

Like most people, I have set numerous resolutions at the start of a new year - only to abandon those resolutions before the end of January. It is incredibly difficult to create a new habit and stick with it for 365 days without faltering. Even worse, when I do stumble it becomes much easier to […]

Best Lightweight Laptop for Digital Nomads

I have been traveling the world and working from my laptop since 2010. In that time I have carried a 15.4" 5.5 lb machine, an 11.6" 3.5 lb featherweight, and everything in between. Recently, I was in the market for a new laptop and was surprised for find how difficult it was to filter through […]

Expanding Beyond Consulting

Many clients have been asking me to offer a more complete solution for their website. I have helped them 2X, 10X, and 12X their businesses and now they're struggling with more technical challenges. Things like redesigning their site, upgrading to HTTPS, and troubleshooting their site - these have proven to be significant hurdles. Starting today, […]

Monetization with AdSense and Other Ad Networks

Once you have a niche website setup, and begin getting some traffic, Google AdSense becomes a very appealing way to start earning some money. This is a common first step for most niche sites, so it’s worth a deeper exploration. Let’s take a look at what is required to earn $100 per day using AdSense […]

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