January 15, 2016

How To 10x Income In 3 Months

Everyone is talking about tenfold increases these days.

Grant Cardone published The 10X Rule back in 2011 and said you should 10x your goals, now it seem that everyone is buzzing about increasing everything by tenfold.

From 10x content discussions with Rand Fishkin and inbound.org to Google[x] director Astro Teller saying, "It’s easier to make something 10x bigger than 10 percent."

Now, I've got a case study that shows you how easy it was to 10x one client's income in just three months.

To be honest, I'm choosing to say their income increased ten times because that's what everyone is talking about. Really, their income increased by a little more than 12x. But, who's searching for 12x?

The fundamentals of the strategy I implemented will not impress any technical SEOs. We stuck with simple on-page optimization which had been lacking. Additionally, we adjusted the theme and load time for the site. However, the big win came from one adjustment to the business model. Now, with even more traffic coming in, and lots of room for improvement, the client earned more in one month than they did for the entire preceding 12 months.

Download your copy of the entire case study.10x income

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